Super Sexy Shredded Santa

Young British body builder Nathan Green has the face of the boy next door, the body of a greek god and the accent of a cockney chimney sweep! Delight in this video of him giving you an holiday themed guided tour of his tight, muscley body while sounding a little like Mel B from the Spice Girls, “Look at that fookin’ arse… Soh Sexxxay!”

Who IS this shredded Santa?
Here’s the bio from his peek a boo flexing site…

An average kid growing up at the age of 14 started competing in distance running. Won a couple of medals in the Greater Manchester Championships. After having a knee injury in 2012 I was devastated, unable to run again. I spent a year doing nothing stuck in a dead end job working 60 hours a week laboring.

Then at the start of 2013 I decided to go to the gym and wanted to compete in bodybuilding, having being motivated by Jeff Seid and Zyzz. I started off doing lots of compound movements and slowly built up to a full training program training 6 times a week, training hard and dieting every day since day one.

I don’t know where this road will take me but I am loving every second of it!

I know where the road SHOULD take him … straight to gay porn! Hearin’ him moan and groan “oh yaaar fook my arse!” would be better than a plate of bangers n mash!

Luckily he is on his way to porno land …cause you can pay 29.99 on his site and get one
**Just one for 29.99? She’s pricey!!** full monty naked flexing video. I also believe he does requests!

Check out this weird Santa domination video where Nathan goes all Blanche Deveraux fantasy man and chokes some fat guy who didnt pay the 29.99 and with his Thighs that could choak a bear