A Moment Of Grg: Tom Daley Has Made My Dreams Come True

Tom Daley has made all my dreams come true!

It was only a matter of time until the love me and Tom shared became public. It’s been hard having a long distance relationship but face **cock** time has certainly helped! Tom Daley is gay and I am his boyfriend.

Haha. I wish that was the case!

But Tom IS gay and now we can know for sure when we are fantasizing about him holding his knees and making those Tom Daley faces…


that DICK has been entering his masterclass arse and how Tom just like us likes to wank off thinking of all those sexy divers surrounding him in the Olympic lockeroom. In fact Tom has been probs having the same Olympic Gangbang fantasies starring him as I have!

Congrats Tom! Call me!
Seriously. Call me.

I’m including some if my fave fakes of Tom Daley nude and getting fucked after the jump so we can all imagine even better whats really happening!
xoxo Grgy

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